Terms and Conditions

Group Registration Terms and Conditions

Placing your registration:

You may request a reservation for your group's retreat on the Group Registration Form page. Once your Dates and Buildings request has been confirmed, you may pay your deposit. Deposits can be paid by mailing CRC a check, or by using our payment option on the website. Your deposit applies to your total bill. In most cases, your deposit is non-refundable in the event that you cancel your reservation.
Full payment is due by the end of your retreat.

Responsibility to pay for the minimum number of people:

You are responsible to pay for the minimum number of guests you have reserved for, regardless of whether or not your group meets that minimum. Minimum occupancies are based on the total number of individual single and double beds in each building. The recommended maximum occupancies are based on each double bed being filled by two people. "Day Use Only" guests are not counted as part of the minimum occupancy. They pay only for their meals and a $7 day-use fee.

Reserving more space:

Please reserve only as much space as you are sure you can fill. Place your reservation based on your lowest possible estimate of the final attendance. We are almost always able to find additional space for groups whose numbers increase.

Reducing your minimum number:

Reservation dates and buildings should be considered final. However, if previously unforeseen circumstances cause you to be unable to meet your minimum number, it may be possible to release a building, move to a smaller building, or even reschedule your reservation to a different date. You must do this at least 90 days prior to your reserved dates in order to allow us to re-book this space. If you have a significant change in the number of people coming (whether a decrease or increase), please contact us immediately.

Your Final Count:

Please call or email us the Tuesday before your retreat to notify us of your final count.

Items to bring:

Sleeping bag or warm bedding, pillows, towels, rainwear, and a flashlight.


Frequently asked Questions:

How do you provide for those with food allergies or special diets?

There are two options:
1. If you have a few things you cannot eat, contact our kitchen at least one week prior to your stay and tell us what your allergies/restrictions are so that we can prepare special entrees for you.
2. If you have many dietary restrictions, contact us to let us know that you would like to bring your own prepared entrees and heat them up in our kitchen's microwave. This option is limited to 1-2 people per weekend.


When can we ride the cable swings?

Any time. Just check the key out from the kitchen and follow the rules posted at the swings. Return the keys as soon as you are done for others to use.

When can we ride the zipline?

Saturday afternoon is usually best, although other times can be arranged. Let us know what time you would like to ride it and we will send a staff member up to the zipline with you. You must provide an adult who will be instructed how to catch people at the other end of the ride and help them out of the safety harness.


A few additional notes:

NO animals please
NO alcohol (except Communion Wine)

NO Eastern Meditative/Exercise Practices (i.e. Yoga, Tai Chi, Taize, Reiki, etc.)
NO fireworks
NO guns without permission